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Personal Property Assessment Cycle:

As a courtesy, on January 1 each year, the Miller County Assessor mails a Personal Property Assessment form to each person and business who declared personal property in Miller County the previous year. The assessment form is mailed to the last known address in the Assessor’s files. If you have moved within the County or have moved into Miller County, or changed your mailing address you need to contact the Assessor’s Office with your address.

Every person owning or holding real property or tangible personal property on the first day of January, including all such property purchased that day, shall be liable for taxes thereon during the same calendar year (Chap. 137.075 RSMo). Personal property assessment forms are to be returned to the County Assessor no later than March 1st each year. A penalty of up to $100.00 may be applied to the taxpayer’s bill for failure to file a personal property assessment in a timely manner.
Tangible Personal Property includes every tangible thing being the subject of ownership or part
ownership whether animate or inanimate, other than money, and not forming part or parcel of real
property herein described, but does not include household goods, furniture, wearing apparel and article of personal use and adornment, as defined by the state tax commission, owned and used by a person in his home or dwelling place. (Chap. 137.010 (4) RSMo). There are exceptions to the law, please refer to the Missouri State Statutes.

Missouri State Statutes state all personal property shall be assessed in the county where the owner resides. The exception to this are houseboats, cabin cruisers, floating boat docks, and manufactured homes shall be assessed where they are located. All articles of personal use contained with the residence or dwelling place are NOT subject to taxation. Taxable personal property also includes property used for commercial, industrial, and agricultural purposes.
Missouri State Statute Chapter 137.122 outlines Business Personal Property and the deprecation tables to be used for Business Personal Property.

Just because you do not receive a Personal Property Assessment Form to fill out, you still have the
responsibility to file a Personal Property Assessment Form each year. If you do not receive a Personal Property Assessment Form by January 30 of each year, please contact the Assessor’s Office. Personal Property is appraised and assessed each year, as of January 1. The taxpayer is required to update all information concerning make, model, and year of autos, trucks, etc, and the purchase price and year of purchase for business machinery or construction equipment, office equipment, etc. with the county assessor at the start of each year (Chap. 137.080 RSMo). Even if you have no changes in your personal property from the previous year, you are required to submit a list to the county assessor by March 1 of each year. If you lease a vehicle, please read over your lease before filling out the Assessment form as most leasing companies turn in the vehicle for you.

On the Personal Property form, be sure to be specific with the information requested. If you receive a
personal property assessment form from Miller County, your previous year’s listing of vehicles, boats,
farm machinery, etc., will be pre-printed on the form. If you no longer own any of the property printed on the form, draw a line through the item. If you have purchased something new and it is not printed on the form, legibly print the information in the space provided or add an additional sheet of paper with the information that is requested. Please include the VIN for each of your vehicles if they are not pre-printed on the Assessment form.

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