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Clinton A. Jenkins
P.O. BOX 12 Tuscumbia, Mo. 65082
2001 HWY 52

Fax Number (573)369-1905

Rhonda Patterson
Deb Luttrell
Mindy Robison

The Miller County Clerk’s Office duties include the following:
- Maintains records and minutes for the County Commission.
- Handles voter registration and administers all elections for the County. Also responsible for           holding elections for all entities within Miller County.
- Issuance of liquor licenses.
- Administers oaths to notary publics.
- Administers human resource functions.
- Accounts payable
- Payroll administration
- Tax levies for Miller County are calculated by the County Clerk
- Railroad and Utility billing
- Board of Equalization is scheduled and figures are calculated by the Miller County Clerk.
- Floodplain Administrator

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