Clinton A. Jenkins
P.O. BOX 12 Tuscumbia, Mo. 65082
2001 HWY 52

Christine Beauchamp
Rhonda Patterson
Samantha Crane
Deb Luttrell
Mindy Robison

The Miller County Clerk’s Office duties include the following:
- Maintains records and minutes for the County Commission.
- Handles voter registration and administers all elections for the County. Also responsible for           holding elections for all entities within Miller County.
- Issuance of liquor licenses.
- Administers oaths to notary publics.
- Administers human resource functions.
- Accounts payable
- Payroll administration
- Tax levies for Miller County are calculated by the County Clerk
- Railroad and Utility billing
- Board of Equalization is scheduled and figures are calculated by the Miller County Clerk.
- Floodplain Administrator

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